Saturday, May 31, 2014

Peachtree Jr.

For the last six years Stormy and has run the Peachtree Jr. (3K) here in Atlanta.
After the age of 12 they can run the Peachtree Road Race (the world's largest 10K) on the fourth of July. 
Because she has run all six of them she had a group photo made with other runners 
that have done the same thing.
It will be at the Atlanta Track club and on their site.

The settings on the camera were set between each other so the photos of her were all wonky :/
I was not happy when I looked down and realized it either.
I adjusted in Lightroom the best I could.
Still not happy but it is what it is ;)

Stoney on the hand, they were much better. Both of the 
above shots are of them coming across the finish line. This was his
second Peachtree Jr. So proud of them both!

This year they had some Olympic Track & Field medalists on hand.
Stormy had signed up for Shot put on her middle school Olympics day. We were
in luck. They had one on hand and he was great with the kids.
She did great too. 
(She ended up placing 2nd for the sixth grade ;)

They ran a 50 yard dash afterwards and she barely beat him.

And this year it will be a family affair. Matt has run the Peachtree for about 12 years.
This year I am running my first! Oh Lordie, what have I gotten  myself into?
I can do it. I ran my first 5K recently and I didn't finish last and I 
didn't go home in an ambulance. ;) Hahaha!

Of course it wouldn't be a Peachtree Jr. if Uncle Zach wasn't there.
My brother has come to all six of Stormy's races. He drives over from AL early 
that morning each year. It is a tradition and we are so glad he makes the trip!
geez ... look how tall she is getting.

We are one week into Summer vacation and could not be happier!
Hope everyone is well.

Be a blessing to someone today!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sweet L turns one | Atlanta photographer

This sweet lump of sugar and her drool are just the best!
I have photographed her before you could even see her ;)
Her mom has supported my love of photography by trusting me
to capture her family's images since her older sister was two
years old and we met in a park, full of flowers on a Saturday morning..
I have done several sessions and it is always a pleasure.
The best part? I get to call her Mom my friend. :)
Just one of the perks that happen when you get to do something 
that lets you interact with a family and you're allowed a glimpse into their 
lives. You get to capture it for them to have the memories forever.
I love my job.
I wouldn't change it for the world.

Little L turned one a few weeks ago,
and I was honored to be there to snap some images before
 and during the party.
This family is what you think a big loving family should be.
Both sides were there to celebrate this little ones big day.
There were even four generations represented on one side.
What a wonderful blessing.
There is no doubt how much this child is loved.

Oh my word ... I die.
Her sweet momma is a dancer and the tutu
was a definite must :)

The squeal of laughter.
Look at those sweet toes!

She loves her Sister for sure.

BE still my heart

This is L with her great grandmother. And by the way they are both the sweetest things.
I could have watched them interact with each other all day.

It was her first birthday complete with a cake smash!
She enjoyed it until she took both her fists and rubbed her eyes.
Then it became a no fun zone :(
But a short bath later she was good to go!

It was a lovely day. The weather was beautiful and
windows were open.
There was food (oh my word. the warm cheese and bacon dip?
Should be a crime. js) and cake.
Her Mom made the cutest cake!
I mean take a look.
So cute!

I hope you guys are having a great week so far
Yay Spring is finally here!
Although it was 29 degrees this morning and the wind yesterday
was CR - AZY and cold.
Stoney had tennis and I wished I had taken a blanket to wrap up in.
It has to get warmer ... eventually.
I am more than ready.

**ATTN: Alabama Peeps
I will be in the Calhoun County area one or more days the week
of April 6, 2014.

I have a few session times available.
Even a a couple of mini sessions are still open.
Children, Family, Seniors just let me know what you need. 
Late afternoons have the best light, so after school and after
work are certainly doable :)
Message me for details on my FB page
Roxanne Ponds Photography
Or email me 

You guys have a great Wednesday!!
Stay warm ... still ;)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fair weather

So it snowed .... again.
It was pretty.
It went away fairly quickly.
It was not as chaotic as the one a couple of weeks earlier.
The south ... or well Atlanta was more prepared.
The kids were out for three days.... wait, they had a four day
holiday weekend already so make that a week off.
They finally went back on Tuesday.

All covered in ice

The words catastrophic, record breaking and others were thrown around
a lot.

Covered in ice

It was worse south and east of us.
We never lost power. Many did. That is what i was most stressed about.
A friend said she was officially a hoarder and a doomsday prepper.
I laughed ... then I realized I too had become one ;)
We had food stacked in the kitchen.

This was about 3 in the morning as the snow just started to fall.

Stormy and her smiley self enjoying the snow.

Stoney being his sweet, crazy self.

Little bit of an idea of what we got here.

We were to expect sleet and freezing rain. We got it.
A whole day of it then the temp dropped and the slush froze.
The snow started the next morning. It came down pretty good too.

Base of our little snowman.

Bless him ... It was their first try. The snow was perfect for it.

Then the sun came out.
For two days it melted and it sounded like little waterfalls

That is the way I like it.
Oohhh... that's pretty.
Ahh ... the sun and it's dry ;)

I hope that was it for this year.
But alas, I am told that we may get more before the month is out.

As for today ... well today my windows are open.
My heat is turned off.
It is in the 70's for a second day.
I have walked Stoney to school for the past two mornings
and walked to pick him up too.
I have been able to run/walk in a tshirt without a coat, 
gloves or cap.
The sun is in and out.
I love it.
I wish it would stay.
It is still February.
I girl can hope right?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We are in the middle of Snowpocalypse Part II
This is for the birds.
It has been sleeting since 6am.
It stopped for a a little bit but it really didn't matter.
It is slushy and icy and I don't like walking the great Pipponie out
there. I worry about breaking both our necks. Ha!

I will write more later on what happens tonight.
All the trees and power lines are coated in ice now.
There are trees down all over town.
Last I heard over 100,000 had no power.
Matt-Daddy had to trudge through it to get to 
get to the train to work.
He made it in safely (praise!) but won't be back here before
tomorrow night at the earliest.
He has food and an air mattress.
But we still wish he was here with us.

Anyway, more later...
I am off to walk the Great One ;)

Here is a collage from the Snowpocalypse Part I
from two weeks ago.
Y'all be safe wherever you are!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Who names the fronts?

I am over the cold.
I said it.
I live in the South
One of the biggest reasons I live
in the South is the weather.
Summers where it is as hot as 
Georgia asphalt.
Humidity that makes your hair kink if you even look
 at the window.
Winters .....
well winters that aren't really winters by most
folks standards.
The older I have gotten the more I have learned to 
appreciate the warm weather and not long for snow 
days and cold.
I think my bones may be speaking out loud a bit there ;)

I know, I know, it is supposed to be cold at Christmas.
You're out shopping and you want to wear your
favorite scarves and coats and sweaters and
of course your favorite boots and skinny jeans.
I get it ... me too.
I understand having cold in January.
It is the South y'all.
Temps for 60 hours plus in the single digits
with a wind chill too??
I refuse to like it.
You folks up north, good for ya.
Have at it.
We don't usually get pretty snow that you can look at.
Drive around, go on with a normal day. 
We usually get freezing rain. Sleet. and the worst?
Ice. for days. 
It shuts. this. place. down.
Not a fan.
So with that being said.
And the next polar vortex headed this way tomorrow.
This time with the freezing rain and junk included
Without further ado
Some photos to help keep you warm ;)

I think swimming pools, cookouts, road races, friends,

Ahhh .... Crashing waves, the breeze, looking for shells, friends,
flip flops and pony tails.

I think how hot it was that day... It was beautiful in SC.

Baseball ... I mean baseball screams summer. Hotdogs, the crack of the bat,
peanuts, and sweet sweet sunshine.

And another beach shot ... just because I can ;)

Y'all stay warm.
Make sure your animals are inside not outside.
Spring is coming. I promise.
Brr ... not soon enough for me ;)
I have to run, literally.
List is too long today and I have to get my five
in so I can eat ;) LOL
I run to eat.
ciao ;)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#Laterblogged Is that even a thing?

I know that #latergram is a thing so I just
assumed .... ha ;)

The main reason I started blogging a hundred years ago
was to create a place that family could come to keep up with 
our little minions as they grew.
(I know my Sister reads it so 
"Hey Sister!"

Well in the past year that has turned into, as my 12 going on 18
likes to say, an epic fail.
So I will start trying to make amends ;)

With Thanksgiving.

My bff from the ice age and I have made a pact to see each
other if at all possible every time I am back home.
(Thanks Matt-Daddy for the photo)
She came over for a visit on Thanksgiving.
She is Stormy's Godmother.
Part of Stormy's name is hers.
 I love her and can barely remember
a time when she wasn't in my life.
I taught this girl to drive a straight shift.
I mean I took her to take her driver's test.
back in the ice age ;)

My brother passing football with our minions. In Mom's front yard.
It was a cold day. A little colder than usual for AL but I will take it every time
over a muggy warm Thanksgiving.
Everyone else was inside getting the food ready.
It was all so yummy.
I wait all year for some of those delicious dishes.
Why do we do that? Only make them on that day ..
I guess if we had them more often we wouldn't love them as much?
I don't know..
Try me ;)
I made broccoli casserole, hash brown casserole and brought
 a HUGE pumpkin pie from Costco. I heart Costco btw ...
My sister (hey Z!) always makes deviled eggs. Love them.
Since forever.
And her homemade carrot cake?
Shut your mouth.
My brother's asparagus. I mean I could go on and on.
Suffice it to say it was all Yum-O.

Le minion
We received these awesome sweatshirts from my bff.
The AU UA game was that weekend so she made sure we
were ready ;)
Yes we are truly a house divided.
Boys Bama
Girls Auburn

My nephew and his nephew.
Still hard to believe I have FIVE greats... five. Wow. 

My nephew and this doll he is seeing.
She is a keeper.
What a sweetie :)

Ahhh... there is his Daddy.
I do love these two :)

My sweet Shcrumpalumpskus :)

I guess the most important reason to blog Thanksgiving is that this
was most likely the last one we will celebrate in my Mom's house.
But it is not a bad thing.
She has decided to move to an assisted living facility.
She will have her own apartment and wonderful people to check on her.
It is a blessing. For all of us.
We decorated her tree while there so she
could enjoy it a bit longer this year.
That is my nieceinlawalmostnurse Mom of of my Shcrumpalumpskus using her
climbing skills to hang garland ;)
And my Sister. She drives from her home in southern GA every other weekend
to help Mom and make sure things are running smoothly.
Love my Big Sister! :)
(hey again ;) xo)

Oh that crazy nieceinlawalmostnurse
I love her :)

I hope that wherever you are you are warm and cozy.
The Polar vortex Part Deux is here.
 so bundle up!
Where is Summer. This is is the South. I know it's January
but come on. I am not built for single digits and wind chill below zero.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Price | Atlanta Family Photographer

This family always makes me smile.
Like always.
I love spending time with them.
The parents are simply the best and always have a smile at the ready. 
Stormy and the oldest daughter have been classmates
forever. She is such a sweetie. And seriously, the younger one
I just want to put in my pocket and bring her home ;)
Even the family pet could not fit in any better.
I mean his name is Fisher, for the love ...
Fisher Price.
Can you stand it?

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