Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#Laterblogged Is that even a thing?

I know that #latergram is a thing so I just
assumed .... ha ;)

The main reason I started blogging a hundred years ago
was to create a place that family could come to keep up with 
our little minions as they grew.
(I know my Sister reads it so 
"Hey Sister!"

Well in the past year that has turned into, as my 12 going on 18
likes to say, an epic fail.
So I will start trying to make amends ;)

With Thanksgiving.

My bff from the ice age and I have made a pact to see each
other if at all possible every time I am back home.
(Thanks Matt-Daddy for the photo)
She came over for a visit on Thanksgiving.
She is Stormy's Godmother.
Part of Stormy's name is hers.
 I love her and can barely remember
a time when she wasn't in my life.
I taught this girl to drive a straight shift.
I mean I took her to take her driver's test.
back in the ice age ;)

My brother passing football with our minions. In Mom's front yard.
It was a cold day. A little colder than usual for AL but I will take it every time
over a muggy warm Thanksgiving.
Everyone else was inside getting the food ready.
It was all so yummy.
I wait all year for some of those delicious dishes.
Why do we do that? Only make them on that day ..
I guess if we had them more often we wouldn't love them as much?
I don't know..
Try me ;)
I made broccoli casserole, hash brown casserole and brought
 a HUGE pumpkin pie from Costco. I heart Costco btw ...
My sister (hey Z!) always makes deviled eggs. Love them.
Since forever.
And her homemade carrot cake?
Shut your mouth.
My brother's asparagus. I mean I could go on and on.
Suffice it to say it was all Yum-O.

Le minion
We received these awesome sweatshirts from my bff.
The AU UA game was that weekend so she made sure we
were ready ;)
Yes we are truly a house divided.
Boys Bama
Girls Auburn

My nephew and his nephew.
Still hard to believe I have FIVE greats... five. Wow. 

My nephew and this doll he is seeing.
She is a keeper.
What a sweetie :)

Ahhh... there is his Daddy.
I do love these two :)

My sweet Shcrumpalumpskus :)

I guess the most important reason to blog Thanksgiving is that this
was most likely the last one we will celebrate in my Mom's house.
But it is not a bad thing.
She has decided to move to an assisted living facility.
She will have her own apartment and wonderful people to check on her.
It is a blessing. For all of us.
We decorated her tree while there so she
could enjoy it a bit longer this year.
That is my nieceinlawalmostnurse Mom of of my Shcrumpalumpskus using her
climbing skills to hang garland ;)
And my Sister. She drives from her home in southern GA every other weekend
to help Mom and make sure things are running smoothly.
Love my Big Sister! :)
(hey again ;) xo)

Oh that crazy nieceinlawalmostnurse
I love her :)

I hope that wherever you are you are warm and cozy.
The Polar vortex Part Deux is here.
 so bundle up!
Where is Summer. This is is the South. I know it's January
but come on. I am not built for single digits and wind chill below zero.


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