Monday, January 27, 2014

Who names the fronts?

I am over the cold.
I said it.
I live in the South
One of the biggest reasons I live
in the South is the weather.
Summers where it is as hot as 
Georgia asphalt.
Humidity that makes your hair kink if you even look
 at the window.
Winters .....
well winters that aren't really winters by most
folks standards.
The older I have gotten the more I have learned to 
appreciate the warm weather and not long for snow 
days and cold.
I think my bones may be speaking out loud a bit there ;)

I know, I know, it is supposed to be cold at Christmas.
You're out shopping and you want to wear your
favorite scarves and coats and sweaters and
of course your favorite boots and skinny jeans.
I get it ... me too.
I understand having cold in January.
It is the South y'all.
Temps for 60 hours plus in the single digits
with a wind chill too??
I refuse to like it.
You folks up north, good for ya.
Have at it.
We don't usually get pretty snow that you can look at.
Drive around, go on with a normal day. 
We usually get freezing rain. Sleet. and the worst?
Ice. for days. 
It shuts. this. place. down.
Not a fan.
So with that being said.
And the next polar vortex headed this way tomorrow.
This time with the freezing rain and junk included
Without further ado
Some photos to help keep you warm ;)

I think swimming pools, cookouts, road races, friends,

Ahhh .... Crashing waves, the breeze, looking for shells, friends,
flip flops and pony tails.

I think how hot it was that day... It was beautiful in SC.

Baseball ... I mean baseball screams summer. Hotdogs, the crack of the bat,
peanuts, and sweet sweet sunshine.

And another beach shot ... just because I can ;)

Y'all stay warm.
Make sure your animals are inside not outside.
Spring is coming. I promise.
Brr ... not soon enough for me ;)
I have to run, literally.
List is too long today and I have to get my five
in so I can eat ;) LOL
I run to eat.
ciao ;)

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