Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We are in the middle of Snowpocalypse Part II
This is for the birds.
It has been sleeting since 6am.
It stopped for a a little bit but it really didn't matter.
It is slushy and icy and I don't like walking the great Pipponie out
there. I worry about breaking both our necks. Ha!

I will write more later on what happens tonight.
All the trees and power lines are coated in ice now.
There are trees down all over town.
Last I heard over 100,000 had no power.
Matt-Daddy had to trudge through it to get to 
get to the train to work.
He made it in safely (praise!) but won't be back here before
tomorrow night at the earliest.
He has food and an air mattress.
But we still wish he was here with us.

Anyway, more later...
I am off to walk the Great One ;)

Here is a collage from the Snowpocalypse Part I
from two weeks ago.
Y'all be safe wherever you are!

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