Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fair weather

So it snowed .... again.
It was pretty.
It went away fairly quickly.
It was not as chaotic as the one a couple of weeks earlier.
The south ... or well Atlanta was more prepared.
The kids were out for three days.... wait, they had a four day
holiday weekend already so make that a week off.
They finally went back on Tuesday.

All covered in ice

The words catastrophic, record breaking and others were thrown around
a lot.

Covered in ice

It was worse south and east of us.
We never lost power. Many did. That is what i was most stressed about.
A friend said she was officially a hoarder and a doomsday prepper.
I laughed ... then I realized I too had become one ;)
We had food stacked in the kitchen.

This was about 3 in the morning as the snow just started to fall.

Stormy and her smiley self enjoying the snow.

Stoney being his sweet, crazy self.

Little bit of an idea of what we got here.

We were to expect sleet and freezing rain. We got it.
A whole day of it then the temp dropped and the slush froze.
The snow started the next morning. It came down pretty good too.

Base of our little snowman.

Bless him ... It was their first try. The snow was perfect for it.

Then the sun came out.
For two days it melted and it sounded like little waterfalls

That is the way I like it.
Oohhh... that's pretty.
Ahh ... the sun and it's dry ;)

I hope that was it for this year.
But alas, I am told that we may get more before the month is out.

As for today ... well today my windows are open.
My heat is turned off.
It is in the 70's for a second day.
I have walked Stoney to school for the past two mornings
and walked to pick him up too.
I have been able to run/walk in a tshirt without a coat, 
gloves or cap.
The sun is in and out.
I love it.
I wish it would stay.
It is still February.
I girl can hope right?

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