Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sweet L turns one | Atlanta photographer

This sweet lump of sugar and her drool are just the best!
I have photographed her before you could even see her ;)
Her mom has supported my love of photography by trusting me
to capture her family's images since her older sister was two
years old and we met in a park, full of flowers on a Saturday morning..
I have done several sessions and it is always a pleasure.
The best part? I get to call her Mom my friend. :)
Just one of the perks that happen when you get to do something 
that lets you interact with a family and you're allowed a glimpse into their 
lives. You get to capture it for them to have the memories forever.
I love my job.
I wouldn't change it for the world.

Little L turned one a few weeks ago,
and I was honored to be there to snap some images before
 and during the party.
This family is what you think a big loving family should be.
Both sides were there to celebrate this little ones big day.
There were even four generations represented on one side.
What a wonderful blessing.
There is no doubt how much this child is loved.

Oh my word ... I die.
Her sweet momma is a dancer and the tutu
was a definite must :)

The squeal of laughter.
Look at those sweet toes!

She loves her Sister for sure.

BE still my heart

This is L with her great grandmother. And by the way they are both the sweetest things.
I could have watched them interact with each other all day.

It was her first birthday complete with a cake smash!
She enjoyed it until she took both her fists and rubbed her eyes.
Then it became a no fun zone :(
But a short bath later she was good to go!

It was a lovely day. The weather was beautiful and
windows were open.
There was food (oh my word. the warm cheese and bacon dip?
Should be a crime. js) and cake.
Her Mom made the cutest cake!
I mean take a look.
So cute!

I hope you guys are having a great week so far
Yay Spring is finally here!
Although it was 29 degrees this morning and the wind yesterday
was CR - AZY and cold.
Stoney had tennis and I wished I had taken a blanket to wrap up in.
It has to get warmer ... eventually.
I am more than ready.

**ATTN: Alabama Peeps
I will be in the Calhoun County area one or more days the week
of April 6, 2014.

I have a few session times available.
Even a a couple of mini sessions are still open.
Children, Family, Seniors just let me know what you need. 
Late afternoons have the best light, so after school and after
work are certainly doable :)
Message me for details on my FB page
Roxanne Ponds Photography
Or email me 

You guys have a great Wednesday!!
Stay warm ... still ;)

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