Monday, June 23, 2008

Electric Tim or Tim Company... or something
That picture makes me forget..

So. how was every one's weekend? It was good here. Lots to ramble about today. Let's see. First, I joined a group online to help me learn more about digital scrapbooking. They were the most welcoming bunch I have been around in a long time. And I have already learned a lot.
Loving digital scrapbooking right now!

I found out about this a while back but have not posted about it yet. I am so excited that this show is coming back to the air. Slated for January of '09 . I Love me some Electric Company.
I watched this when I was little. My loving movies the way I do. This was my introduction to Morgan Freeman. One THE best actors of our time. He started out on Public Television. As well as Rita Moreno and Joan Rivers of all people. Who knew? I remember them on The Electric Company.

Last weekend K went to her very first sleepover. She had a blast. I have to admit, it was a little weird her not being here. But she was just across the street. I think that made it a bit easier on both of us : ) Here she is just before he left...

I put this on here, Well, just because.... I mean, why not? Look at those biceps..... Have you ever? I can't explain... no need to... Just take a minute and look. Go ahead I will be here... looking too. Go on ...Go

Faith Hill..... That beautiful, lucky Heifer..

Whew. Now don't you feel better? Don't you have a better outlook today because of it. And the thing is... If you want to come back and look again? He will be right here.. Don't worry.

OK, on one last note. My laptop is going to the hospital tomorrow. It needs a little bit of work done. I mean , right now I could be a joke in a "You Might be a Redneck if" book. I am working on my laptop and I have my big ol monitor hooked up to it, because the screen on the laptop is nothing but a shadow. Cute huh? (and the DVD burner isn't working) I am told, and very hopeful that, it will be well by Thursday or Friday... Saturday at the latest. So, I will not be online much. I will check email at my hubby's work. And am encouraged that I will not go into DT's without it. Gee.... I may have to read a book or cook a meal or Heavens....WRITE a letter? No, no, Say it ain't so?!?

I really am hoping for Thursday... fingers crossed

Go hug your kids....


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Anonymous said...

We have got to get together so I can learn how to do the digital scrapbooking. I am dying to do that!
Love you guys!

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