Thursday, June 19, 2008

First Attempt...

Here are my first attempts at digital scrapbooking. It is very basic. These are 12x12 layouts that will be side by side in the album. I enjoyed making these and I can pick them up at Costco same day too! I will do that today. I know that there is one misspelled word. I tried to go back and fix it.... but I couldn't figure it out : ) So, I will fix it with a white pen after it is printed... So there! LOL

Hope you like it. Are any of you guys doing the digital scrapbooking? This is so much easier than hauling around all your stuff. I still have all my stuff and I will still use it. I will do both, and some hybrid.

Hope everyone is cool where you are. We are having a wonderful couple of days and nights in the low 80's and upper 50's! WOW.... wish it could stay like that all Summer : )



Anonymous said...

I love your pages! I have totally been wanting to get into the digital thing. You will have to tell me how you did it!

Holly said...

Rox - I think this is a great start to your digi scrapping! I haven't really done full layouts before. I love the hands-on of paper scrapping so I doubt I'd ever convert. But I have enjoyed adding digi elements to those photos, as you've seen. Just dabbling in it and all.

Holly said...

hmmm, I just posted a comment but I don't think it went through. Well, just in case, here is what I said:

I think this is a great start to your digital scrapping. I have never really tried to do full layouts before. Will you print them out in full 12x12? How much does that cost?
I love the hands-on of paper scrapping so I doubt I'd convert, but I enjoy dabbling in the digital things - adding them to photos or whatever. I do hope to learn more...

Hey there, it's C!! said...

this is amazing! i love it!
and what's more, when he is older, this will be priceless to him.
you are a ROCKIN' mommy, rox.
i love you!!!

Jennwhite said...

Rox, these are great! As a scrapper, you know that the important part is telling the story. You did that wonderfully with great journaling!
One of the reasons I love digi is I can scrap MORE in less time - so I have more of our memories preserved.
Your skills will improve with each layout, you're well on your way! WTG girl!!

Becky said...

Rox, I love your blog. It is so family and it is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

At Home Redesigns said...

Came out great! Nice job.

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