Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I have so much I need to blog..
Work wise
Home wise
Family wise
sheesh... So I am just going to hit a few things
Share some photos.
Hope you guys are all well..
it all seems so menial...
When I think of the East Coast
especially the Jersey Shore and Staten Island..
I am sitting here in a warm place
in clean clothes
with a cold drink and
warm food
and electricity and all my 
And most all..
my healthy family.

I've read that some feel it is the end of the world
after the election results last night
That they feel like they have lost everything
and nothing will be the same.

I think not
the Jersey shore
Staten Island and all 
the other places that were wiped out up there
lost everything 
and Their world will never be the same.

And now another storm is gearing up to dump
snow on the already battered region.

So.. no matter who won..
Or who wins in the future
As for me and my family
we will pray for them.
Like we always have.

So with that being said...
Here are some photos
and me moving along with my everyday life.
because I am blessed to be able to do that.

Things that some may 
find mundane but that is
what makes
my life ... 
my life.
And I wouldn't trade it
for the world.

Back in September I was asked to take photographs for a vendor
at the Atlanta Bar-B-Q Festival.
Let me tell you about some good eats..
Oh. My. Gosh.
Wings, Brunswick stew, pulled pork.
List goes on.
It was amazeballs.

Our sweet Pipponie..
Bless him.
He gets this allergy every Fall..
He licks and chews on his back and tail.
As it heals... it itches and the cycle continues.
He is about to drive me nuts.
We have been giving him Benedryl regularly..
But I am afraid....
The Cone Of Shame is next. :(

I love this boy...
I hate to see him so uncomfortable
Fall has to be my favorite...

Don't forget...
The acorn photos are available for purchase..
Several sizes...
If you are so inclined ;)

All you have to do is message me on
my facebook business page here.

The strawberry prints are also available..
you can email me on my website too..  ;)

So, I am getting over a cold and a pretty nasty cough. :/
I won't miss it when it is gone... fo sho.

Hope your Halloween was spooky and sugar filled.
I have photos to post from that too.
And I had a birthday..

Does everyone have a favorite dish you ALWAYS
have on the table for Thanksgiving?
I have a few that I HAVE to have ;)

Oh and... I have to go pack..boxes.
Yes, we are moving.
Yikes again ;)

More later...

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traci said...

roxanne...your photography is beautiful. it is 8:17 am and i am craving ribs now!!!

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