Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dragging Booty......


I'll swear..... This springing forward deal AL-ways gets the best of me. Anyway, how are all of you? Great I hope, and I also hope that you had a wonderful and productive weekend.

Around here was fun and the weather was great after the snow on Saturday morning. Doggone cold, but other than that ...beautiful.

We went to Build-a-bear as promised. And K was very happy with what she picked out.

K., Peanut and Shonda

"Peanut" has a new spring outfit. a pink top with rhinestones and a cute little denim skirt and pink flip flops with a rhinestone. Oh, and a new pink collar with rhinestones. Can you see a pattern going on here? That little doggie, would be her webkinz she got for Christmas that she named Shonda. She also got bows for both of them. I 'll tell you what.... she LOVES that Peanut.

S and his new Green PR (that turns into an elephant?) and his Bionicle.

Well, we couldn't very well get K something without getting S something. He is ALL about the Power Rangers right now. We play the game, we watch the show, he has PR pajamas. His favorite color is green so it makes perfect sense that he wanted the green Power Ranger. We found it at Target( one of my favorite stores on the planet). He loves, he sleeps with it, he takes a bath with it.

All is well here on Brentwood Drive....

Hope all is well on your street too....

Check back in tomorrow.



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Anonymous said...

Glad to see that everyone is up and about and doing fine. Did you guys have any bad weather. It has been all around us but fortunately it has not hit us at all. We've had just a little drizzle. Hope you guys are well. We miss you!

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