Sunday, March 16, 2008

Buzzy's Visit

This weekend we had a visitor. K brought her home from school. Her name is Buzzy. She was a very polite and gracious guest. She never complained. She never got homesick. She cleaned her plate. She picked up after herself. She went to bed on time. She used her inside voice...... I mean she was the ultimate house guest.

THIS is Buzzy .... She, K and Peanut had a great weekend together.

Peanut and Buzzy drew pictures together.

And K and Buzzy got to spend some quality time together too.
K is mixing up some food for Buzzy and his new friends, Polo, Eddie and Peanut.
This was really a fun thing for her teacher to do. On occasion, she sends the bear home with a student in a backpack with clothes and a journal. You record your weekend with Buzzy in the journal. You can use pictures to tell of his adventures with your family too.
Above are some of the pictures we used in Buzzy's Journal. K was out of school on Friday so we had three days together.
Buzzy was a great house guest, and is welcome back anytime. Wish would have had him over Easter weekend.. we would have looked for Easter Eggs together!
I hope all you guys had a great weekend. we are so relieved that the weather here in GA has calmed down. Friday night and Saturday were CA-razy around here.
Till later.....

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