Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday....... Finally

So, Friday is finally here.. Let's see... what does this Friday mean to me.
-- K finally went back to school today. She was looking forward to it.
-- It is my last day before I go back : (
-- My home is clean! Did all that yesterday (except the floors, do that today)
-- The weekend starts tomorrow.
-- Matt is off this weekend.
-- One more day till Sunday and we get to go to church ( we LOVE our church)
-- K has her post OP Dr. appointment.
-- The Sister of one of my Mom's longtime friends died suddenly Wednesday. Today is her service.
-- Sully and I get to spend the day together.
-- Tomorrow K gets to take some of her money that she got while she was sick and go to Build-A-Bear and get Peanut a new friend. She is syked.. Mom is too because she can go to Wolf Camera.
-- I will be able to play with Photoshop some today (hopefully with limited interuption)
-- This weekend is race weekend at ATL Motor Speedway.
-- It will be cooold in the morning with a chance of snow flurries. Br-r-r.
-- Oh yea... Don't forget to set your clocks forward on Saturday before you shut your sleepy eyes.

I hope that you guys have something fun planned for this weekend!

What does this Friday mean to you ???

And here, is another infamous sleeping pose from S.

I'll swear this kid can sleep anywhere....? This is the big chair in the LR. Wednesday, he fell asleep under my computer chair. He is too funny this kid......

The sleep habits....? Well, he may have gotten them from his Mom...ahem ..

Ahem hem......I don't want to hear a word.......

Now folks, please go out there and have a fine weekend...will ya?


1 comment:

paige said...

ok--i got it now! wink

great picture of your little man.
& yummy pimento spread recipe too ( unfortunately , that one isn't in my current diet plan...sniff sniff!)

what a small world , your connection with heather! my hubby taught her in school long ago.
best wishes roxanne

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