Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Time For......

added: blogger was being particularly contrary last night and I was not able to finish the post at the bottom. So please scroll down and check out what was added so you can fully enjoy your chili! .......... thanks! : )

So, it snowed on Saturday here in the South. (Hence, the new picture at the top, thank you very much). It was very cold and going to be very wet for the next few days so I decided to make a big ol potta chili!

And, since I can at least download a few pics at a time, I took pictures as I made it. So, if you are so opposed to reclining in the chair, please join me for a hot bowl of chili.

These are your ingredients: 1 to 2 pounds of ground chuck, 2 large cans of crushed tomatoes, 1 pack of chili seasoning mix. I also have my Mom's recipe that I follow loosely, via the worn out red cookbook open in the front. There are also two cans of chili beans (these are medium because there are two smaller mouths that love chili), and one can of pintos. Mom's calls for kidney beans too. They are just not my favorite. My grandmother's big ol pot is on the far left. Oh yea, you have to have your favorite beverage too. My beverage of choice would be Diet Dr. Pepper......always : )

Not pictured is 1 medium size onion ....ooops!

OK.... now the fun begins. I cook my ground chuck in the microwave. Less mess to clean up and I can drain almost all the fat off as it cooks. (notice: gratuitous shot of glass of DDP)

My onion nicely diced on the counter. On the counter so I can be sure and get all the bacteria in it as possible : ) (just kidding!)

This would be my grandmother's big ol pot. the ground beef and onions are on the bottom and the chili mix is on top. Let this be warming up on at least medium to medium high while you open the cans of crushed tomatoes.

Add your two cans of tomatoes. Stir well.
Now then. According to my Mom, this step is very important. You are supposed to drain half the liquid from your beans........... I don't know. I guess it adds too much liquid to the chili? But honestly, it is not that much. I do it anyway, I'm afraid if I don't, somehow my Mom will know and she will get in the car and drive all the way over here from AL and scold me......

Now it is all in the pot. Stir it well and let it come to a boil and turn it down to a simmer.

Cover and let it cook for at least an hour..... Mom's recipe says 2 hours. We usually can't wait that long. Also, taste test it after about thirty minutes to see if more chili powder might need to be added. Notice the strategically placed drink on the left side..... never out of reach. humm.... my coozie is too light. I need a DDP.. Be right back.

This is the way most of my immediate family eats chili.... with corn chips cheese on the bottom. The way Sonic did it back in the day. Yes, I know one of the bags is open upside down. I have opened chips of all kinds, large and small bags, this way since high school. My friend Kelley, back in the day, did this and said, at the time what was one of the most prolific statements ever. (you have to remember it was high school). "You have to open it from the bottom so all the spices and salt will go back through as you eat them and you will have big chips when you get to the bottom"...... Genius. See? There you have it. I mean how can you argue with that? Makes perfect sense. And just because through the years my Mom, and others have picked up the bag the "wrong" way and strewn chips all over the floor. I will not stop trying to change the way America... no wait, the world eats their chips!(with my hand in the air, index finger pointing upward)............. Ahem.... going ahead with the assembly of the dish.

First, the chips in the bottom of a nice medium size bowl.

Then you must add the cheese broken or cut up into pieces that melt nicely. You have to have strategically placed for the perfect bite. Every. Time.

Now the crowning glory. You ladle a couple of nice spoons full of chili over the top. Let it sit for just a minute. Not too long because you don't want your chips to get mucky. Now get you a DDP or big ol glass of sweet tea or your beverage if choice. And by all means.........En-Joy!

Till later Peeps, and let's be careful out there on that information highway will ya??



Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,

Love it! I sooo wanted some chili the other day. Sadly a snow day went by without my nice hot bowl of chili. I felt deprived. Thanks for letting me enjoy a virtual bowl of your mama's southern chili.

Love ya!

Holly said...

my hubby makes some great chili. it's one of our favorite winter treats. spencer even eats it now (matt makes it pretty spicy so spencer had to kind of grow into it)

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