Friday, August 03, 2012

The ocean...finally..

We finally got to go to the coast. We have planned these few days for months.
It ended up not being as long as we first planned...
But who cares...
Three days at the beach is better than three days at home ;)

The minions had never seen the ocean..
save when Stormy was one we lived in Charleston for a few months.
But of course she doesn't remember.

The look on their faces was absolutely worth the drive and the short stay and
too much sun that we dealt with after..

When we came across the marsh on the bridge and topped the ridge
so you can see the ocean ...
The size of their eyes ... They were amazed.
It was awesome to see it.

They never wanted to do anything else the entire time.
Of course that was fine with me..
I love the ocean, the salt, the breeze, the sounds...
As a matter of fact..
the night we returned we booked a long weekend
in October ;)

This one...
98% of the photos of her...and I took over 700 the first day ;)
Were of her profile or the back of her head. haha
She looked for shells the entire time. Or was on her belly
in the surf.

This one loved building and playing in the sand..
Loved it.
I loved watching him too...
from my chair, underneath my umbrella with my cool drink next to me
 and my camera in my hand ;)

We have one more week until school begins...
*heavy sigh*
We still aren't ready...
Still in Summer vacay mode.
But alas..
Next week is open house 
then a few days of fun stuff planned
then it is back on that schedule.
Part of me is ready..
Part of me will go kicking and screaming ;)

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