Thursday, August 23, 2012

Images | Atlanta, GA

I call Fowl!! ;)

Ha, these are a few shots of  one gorgeous rooster.

He belongs to a friend of the family on a stunning farm in rural Alabama.
We love going there and I was so very fortunate to grab these photos right after a 
thunderstorm earlier this month.

And BTW...
ALL of these are available for purchase.
The colors are rich and crisp and would look
great on your wall ;)

Just go to my website...
And you can find my contact info there.
Just shoot me an email and will send you all
the deets :)

Pretty much any size is available.
I also will have these on 5x7 note cards with envelopes.
They will have a small white border.
They are great and if you just can't bear to
mail them... they look great in 5x7 frames hung
as a single print or in a group!


I had an amazing session with beautiful Senior that I
can't wait to share!

Remember, if you have a Senior it is time to book that session.
If you are in the Atlanta area or central or East Alabama,
don't wait, email me now :)
I have one weekend left open for my Alabama peeps next month
Friday and Saturday September 7th and 8th.

OK, I have a gazillion things to do today.
Company tonight. clean house and my office (yikes!)
Figure out dinner and cub scout meeting today too.
Have a fabulous Thursday!
Pay something forward.
You'll be glad you did :)


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