Monday, April 16, 2012

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get ....

Gadsden, AL | Wedding Photographer

About a month or so ago I had the most amazing chance to photograph a wedding.
And not just any wedding.
My most handsome nephew's wedding.
My brother's youngest son.

This is one of my most favorite shots.
That is his older, most handsome brother helping him with his tie :)

They were next door neighbors for many years.
Then one day they saw each other a little differently.

Now... finally, I have a niece.
And a beautiful one at that :)

One of my favs.

Look at that smile! He left about a 10 days later for basic training.
We all miss him tons.
But I'm quite sure no more than his bride.

He put a ring on it ;) lol

It was a beautiful day filled family and great food.
The weather could not have been better either.

There are tons more photos. Just wanted to share a few with you guys :)

Have a wonderful week!!


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