Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mulan Jr.

Since November she has been rehearsing.
 Since a couple of days after she found out she was in the play, she has been
rehearsing at least two days a week until 5:00.
Then homework and other commitments.
She trudged right through. Only said she was tired a couple of times in the mornings.
But never complained.

There is a play presented each year by the fourth and fifth grade.

This year it was their production of 
Mulan Jr.

It was fantastic!
So amazing that these were fourth and fifth graders!
There were cast photos out in the hall way.
You could buy a star for .25.
Then you wrote words of encouragement and praise on them for the kids.
It was a great thing to do.

Our girl was a "keep'em guessing dancer".

That is not the role she tried for.
She truly wanted a speaking part.
As a matter of fact, that may be the one thing she
did complain about.

I gently reminded her that the fifth graders would get the parts
first because this was their last chance.
And that there would be next year.
(that is her up there with Mulan ;)

But let me tell you, she rocked her dancing part.
She was too cute.
They had help there to put make-up on the girls and add
accessories to their hair.

Everyone had such a good time.
They had four performances in two days.
Packed house each night.

She told me in this photo she was tired.
It was the last performance of the second day.
So I will give her that.
It was really the last one after four months of working hard. ;)

This is my favorite shot.
 A sweet friend (with a bigger lens;) took it and sent it to me.

Today is the cast party with pizza and fun.
And our girl made sure she had fresh batteries in her camera last
night so she could take photos today.
That's my girl!

Still hard for me to fathom that this school year only has three months left.
She will be a fifth grader.
Her last year at this school :(
I refuse to think about that today.


You guys have a wonderful Thursday!
It is in the mid to high 70's here in the ATL today!
I will take it.


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