Thursday, February 02, 2012

Racing birthday and schedules...

Yea... it's me. HA! been a while I know.
So incredibly busy.
All of us.
So here is much of December
in a little nut shell.

Stormy's wanted to do her birthday get together at a store where you
 paint or make jewelry.
She enjoyed making her sign out front to let her friends know that they
were at the right place :)

There were a lot of choices. The girls had fun there were still two more coming.
These were the early birds.
They had a great time and I think next year she wants to come back and do
the jewelry. I may make on too. ;)

Stormy was in the Spelling bee too. So incredibly proud of her. She won her homeroom (fourth grade) and then went onto the next round and she and the other fourth grade winners competed against the winners of the fifth grade homerooms.

We went with friends down to Atlantic Station to see the tree and the "snow" that falls every night at 6 p.m.
Well it was the equivalent of spitting and sputtering foam out of machines in the trees. We  were all a little disappointed.
But it was so great to hang with friends :) 

My Matt-Daddy ran his first race in a couple of years. He is getting his groove back.
I was so proud of him! 

Always makes it better to run with friends :)

Boosterthon was also a big part of our November and December.

The kids all get pledges and they run laps to raise money for the school.

They ran and ran and ran.... to the point of silliness I think !! ;)

As they run each lap the teachers mark the back of their shirts.

The cutest stinking shot of the day???
Stoney and his bestie ran together most of the laps. But this one they
reached out and held hands on the lap.
O. M. G. Love those two.

It was a great day.
The kids ended up after all was said and done raising over $25,000.
It is going towards purchasing Promethean boards for every class room.
Which by the way...
Are the coolest tools ever for the classroom.

So that is most of our December in a nut shell.
Sans time back AL with family.
 I actually didn't take one. single. photo. While we there.
I couldn't believe it.

So hope you guys are well.
We are so busy..
hence why I have not blogged.
Stormy is in the fourth and fifth grade
production of Mulan Jr.
She has had practice multiple times a week since November.
The play is finally next week.
With four performances.

Stormy has also been doing hip-hop jump rope again this year.
There are three more performances next week.
then we are done.
Stoney has started basketball. we are two games
 into the short season.
(they won last night ans he had one rebound!)
AND.... Matt-Daddy started back to college this semester!
So proud of him.
He had a 18 hours to transfer from years ago.
So he is a little ahead of the game.
I am so proud of him.
He is in class two nights a week and every Saturday
and working. It is hard but the reward will
be so worth it.
Tennis starts next month and near the end of that
will begin swim team.
Is it Summer yet?
Feels like it outside...js.
It is very busy...
But I wouldn't change it for a thing.

Have a great Thursday!!

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