Thursday, November 03, 2011

October catch up Part 1

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I know..
I couldn't be more behind.
But my behind has been been busy!
So here we go!

Fall has to be my most favorite time of the year.
 It runs into my second favorite..
But it has to be the most busy.
It wouldn't be the same any other way..

Matt-Daddy in his hoodie. ;)

Went to a party Saturday night and looked over and Dr. J (Julius Erving) was shooting hoops..
I mean what are the odds?
You know me..
Camera in hand (imagine that).
So, I am sharing with you ;)

The King and Queen building here in Atlanta always lights the top of the
Queen building in pink during the month of October
for breast cancer awareness.
Did you get squished last month? I did.
If you didn't.. Don't put it off longer.
I was right there..
I had to have a shot.

Headed into the city on a Saturday night.
Don't get excited. Haha..
We went to Matt-Daddy's work to check something ;)

Stormy had a hip hop jump rope performance on Saturday.
It was cold.
The wind was kicking.
And it was cold.

Did I mention it was cold?
Like toboggans and sweats cold.

It did not slow her down.
She never complained.
They do all kinds of tricks and there are like 40 kids.
These are only the returnees. They go out in groups of 5 or 6.
Super love that shot up there.

Thought that was pretty cool too. ;)
She was jumping rope WHILE bouncing on a ball. (??)
I mean wow.
Who knew she had the coordination?
I certainly didn't. ;)

Get it girl!
She loves this stuff so much.
I am looking forward to after the holidays.
They get to preform at halftime during the basketball games at local colleges
like Georgia State, Georgia Tech, Oglethorpe etc.
It is always fun and the kids love it!

I do hope you guys are doing well and fighting all cold and sinus junk that the Fall
inevitably brings.
Will post photos from the Halloween ball next!
It was a scream with all the outfits.


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