Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally She Rides

Bad blogger award goes too who....?
That would be me
Who knew starting a new job and school starting would actually take up so much time??
LOL  Um yeah... We have been a little busy around here.

But when we have had a break on the weekends...
We have been outside if at all possible.

This one up there ^^^ ...
She did not know how to ride her bike...
She wanted to but the tire was low or she would just not want to take the other training wheel off.
So we didn't push her. Figured she would do it when she was ready.
Well, fast forward to three weeks ago..
She friended someone that rides her bus and she and Stoney started playing outside with him and another friend..
Guess what?

They both have and know how to ride ....what?
Yep. That was all it took.
That next Saturday she told Matt-Daddy she wanted to ride.
I thought Oh boy this should be interesting...

Matt-Daddy sent me a photo on my Blackberry ^^^^
I screamed! I couldn't believe it.
She was riding her bike.

She rode and rode all day.

She got better and better... only took out one down spout ;)
See it up there on the left? Nice little dent.
The downspout got more damage than she did ;)

Let me tell you....
This chick was so happy.

Stoney wanted to ride too...
Ahem.. but his bike was too small.

Like... I was looking through some of Matt-Daddy's photos on fb... and there was
a photo of Stoney on said same bike when he was three...

She rode that Saturday for like four hours...
So held the handlebars so tight she had blisters on the base of both thumbs.

Said handlebars... 

Guess what else was sore the next morning?
He little bum...
I laughed.. I remembered a sore bum back in the day from riding bikes for hours.

Girlfriend is proud of her bike and what she accomplished out of sheer determination.

Her Momma is too ;)

I hope everyone is having a great start to Fall..
Just hoping some Fall temps get here soon.
I am tired of being hot...
Mostly I'm tired of sweating.
September is almost over...
That has to be good.. right?
The temp has to go down eventually..
*fingers crossed*


1 comment:

Lynn E. said...

Way to go, Stormy! I clearly remember the day I learned how to ride without training wheels...
How is the new job going? Ya'll have had a lot going on!

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