Sunday, August 21, 2011

Around here...

This child..
When she wants to be, she is so focused.... 
And I don't want to do anything to break it.

She has always loved to design clothes...
She didn't get the clothes part from me but her Grandmother and I can be pretty creative
and crafty when we want to be... 

Her grandmother more so than me and 
on a much larger scale... 
Quilts, refinishing furniture, painting etc.

Me.. and paper crafts.

She got these design templates a few years ago and pulls them out from time to time.
Then it graduated to a dress form that she loves to dress up with material and costume jewelry.

Last week we went to visit a friend that runs a dress shop that specializes in formal attire.
Especially dresses for prom and bridesmaids... well, you get the idea.

Stormy was in a trance...
She tried on dress after dress...
(much to her Dad's chagrin)
Those pics are on my phone... will have to get those uploaded..
I need to do a phone dump anyway.

I had mentioned to my friend that Stormy loves dresses and draws them free hand and puts them in a
notebook and she loves to create on her dress form and with her templates etc.
She said, "Well she needs to come spend a Saturday with me dressing the mannequins."
She told Stormy that... and
Girl. It. Was. On. 

She has been using her templates and organizing her "portfolio".
She can't wait to go hang with Miss Tammy ;)

On a another note...
She got off the bus Friday and was non stop chatter about her project due in two weeks.
I thought, great we have time.
She wanted to do it TODAY.

It is on Native American Dwellings. She picked a "Winter Hogan".
Not the easiest one either I might add.
She has actually done 90% of it.
She has done an amazing job so far.
Matt-Daddy has guided and given her instruction, although the above
photo would say the contrary. ;)
He was working on the very top of the roof.
She wants it to be removable so she can show the inside and what they are doing.
You go girl.
Don't let me stand in the way.

f.y.i. ....
Me - fourth grade...
Mom --When is that project due?
Me -- "Um... in two days.."
Mom -- "How long have you had to prepare for this?"
Me -- "A little over two weeks."
Mom -- (steam blowing out her ears and flames in her eyes)
Me -- "I guess I will go with the igloo.
Do we have any sugar cubes??"
Yeah..... I would have totally chosen the easiest one.

 Like I said.. I'm not going to do anything to
break that focus.
Especially when it comes to school work.
We are only one week into school and she has already read
the 3rd book in the series "My Sister's a Vampire".
She started the 4th this morning.

I love her.
For any number of reasons....
But today I found another reason. I see another strong point and she
makes me want to make them mine.
Since the day she was born....
She still makes me want to be a better person..

Hope you guys have had a great weekend!
Here's to fabulous week ahead :)


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