Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another First Day ... Really?

Wow. Am I behind in blogging. It is so hard to give up those last few weeks of Summer vacation.
But here we are, almost done with our first week of school.
Man, I woke up Monday with a fourth grader and a second grader.
How did that happen??
They had Open house last Friday and got to meet new teachers and see what friends would be in their class this year. They both got new teachers for their grade. They seem very nice and structured.
The fourth grader definitely needs structure. 
Bless her.

So, here is the obligatory new shoe shot that I do each year.
And really? My fourth grader is on a 6.5 in Women's??
A size four when school let out...
*insert very confused face*
Growth spurt much?

Triple love the outfit she picked out to buy for the first day of school.
And his hair? Don't get me started on his hair.
I explained perfectly plain how to cut his hair.
2 guard up from the neck and bowl cut with tapered edges to blend. Please leave it long around the top.
He has a large dome with a double crown from stitches..
Short layered hair. Will. Not. Work.
He even leaned up in the car afterwards and said "Momma, I want you to cut my hair from on.
I don't like this."

Sweet shot.
Wonder how long before HE will have her on HIS back for the first day of school..
Please, by all means, note the recycle bag hanging from the door.
Nice photo prop huh?

Waiting on Big Yellow.
First first day of school that we did not drop them off.

Probably could have used a little more sleep.

I'm quite sure she could have.
I tried to tell her she would be dragging booty the next morning.
Although, they were dressed and made their beds before I was out of the bed.
I guess they were a little excited. :)
In my defense, the alarm was still going off. Wasn't time for me to get up yet.
Now, if it will only last...
Who am I kidding?

So, There is Monday in a nut shell.
Promise not to be away so long.
I have lots to post.
A fabulous Sr. session and a
concert that was unreal.
And someone had a birthday!

Have a wonderful Thursday!!


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