Monday, July 11, 2011

Right now ...

right now, we are...

listening to:  Keith Urban on my ear buds (concert is just 3 weeks away).
watching: The first Harry Potter movie (then one each day this week) in anticipation of the last movie this weekend. (trying to stay off Pinterest ;)
eating: Cheese toast on 7 grain bread.
planning: A Sr. Portrait photo shoot for next week for great girl from a great family. And Stoney's 7th birthday party.
needing:  Some time at the nearest beach :)
thankful for: Matt-Daddy's job and the wonderful friends that we love and love us :)
praying for:  My Sister
drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper. The only way to start off my day.
feeling: Tired but content
waiting for:  Always for Matt-Daddy to get home. 
wondering:  How I can slow time down a bit... *sigh*

Have a wonderful day! Stay cool and hydrated. :)


1 comment:

paige said...

what a fun post! i love it!!
your photography is amazing girl!
so fun to have you visit today

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