Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Halloween Costume Ball 2011

The Costume Ball was a huge hit this year with some great
The kids were so excited.
Food, fun and a DJ rockin' out the cafe' with some great tunes!

So here are a few shots.
Sorry, short post today.
 I have 456,093 photos to edit from the weekend.
These are for paying customers.
Yep.. paying *yikes*
Still hard to believe that peeps have that kind of confidence in me...
Gotta get busy.
Will try to get a sneak peek up later today. :)

Entrance into the school :)

My Hippie chick...out of focus.
And Peeps are paying?
*double yikes*

One of my favorite shots of the night :)

My sweet Stormy and one of her besties :)

Stoney danced the night away!

Boogie down

So cute!

Hippie Chick working the Cha Cha Slide ;)

I hope you guys are in back in the groove from the time
change over the weekend.
I know my cousin pops in on here from time to time..
So his birthday was recently and I missed it.

I hope you had a wonderful day filled with
all the things you love!!
All My Love,

You guys have a great Tuesday!!

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