Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Roller Derby Princess

Two weeks out so far and it feels like more... just saying. ;)
I am behind on blogging. We have been at the pool or out being busy everyday.
And ... you know.. It has been like 187 degrees.. I mean seriously..
There was no easing into Summer this year for sure.
Stormy was invited to a skating birthday party a few weeks back. 

Stoney decided he would rather eat pizza and playing on the climbing apparatuses.. ;)

For her first time in an actual skating rink... I was impressed.

I mean she taught herself...

At home...

on carpet...

And very little hard wood or vinyl...

In Dora skates no less that she got for her birthday back in '08 I think...

I mean... she is doing something I never learned how to do...

I am so proud of her. She never hesitated. Never said she was
 scared or had any fear at all.

She rocked it! And was even moving her head and hands to the beat
when a little Bieber hit the air waves ;)

Hope everyone is keeping cool and hydrated...
August is here with all it's fury.
No wait... we've only been out of school two weeks.
It just feels like August.


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