Monday, May 23, 2011

Field Days Field Days

Another year is coming to a close. That means field days are here again.
The weather for Stoney's was like almost perfect. 
Low humidity.. kinda cool in the morning.
He ran like the wind.
Only a little wet from the first water sport.

Coming in for a high five from one of his besties :)

Way to run Stoney!

Ahh... another water game.... Over under.
You dunk the huge sponge in the water and then over
and under it goes until the end of the line. Then you wring out
what is left to fill the coffee can. The first team that fills it, wins.

But guess what... we are talking about 6 and 7 year olds... heelllooooo.
The thought of squeezing that sponge over their heads is just more
than most of them can handle. ;)
So by the time this is done...
Most are soaked.
And coming right after the tug of war in GA red clay..
Well, you get the idea.

And last but not least my favorite shots of the day usually.
The parachute..
Love when they pull it up and the balls go into the air.

Love this..
Check the shirt...
And  he was the least wet and muddy.
I decided to take that shirt, shorts,socks and shoes to the laundry mat
and let that washer beat the mud out instead of mine. ;)

More field days later..
And a play too...
You're excited... I can tell.  ;) lol



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