Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peachtree Dash & Jr. 2011

Annnnd...... I'm back ;)
As I was saying a couple of days ago, the kids ran their
first and third Peachtree races respectively.

We were worried about the weather for Saturday morning but it turned out practically
perfect for running a race.

It misted/rained on us walking downtown to the park just a little.
There was a little breeze and the temp was in the high 50's for the races.

So Matt-Daddy pinned their numbers on and they were ready...

My two racers ready to run!

Stoney was so excited and it was over quickly. Too quick he said...
It was only 50 meters... I think it should be at least a 100 yards.
But then again, he is about to be 7 that is the cutoff for the Dash.
There were younger ones and they might not have made it a lot farther.
Wish this was more clear but... it is still a favorite :)

So, next year he will be running the Peachtree Jr. with his Sister. :)
He is already looking forward to it.

Of course it has become tradition that Opal Yak (Uncle Zach) comes to watch the race.
It is a big deal and we look forward to it every year.

There she is coming across the finish line! She did it again.
Third consecutive year.
Couldn't be prouder of her determination and just wanting to do it.

After crossing the finish line she turned back to see us for a second and wait for
one of her best buds to come across the line.

There she is with one of her besties :)

They have been besties since they were four years old.
They don't get to see each other as often as they would like....
But when they do they have not lost a beat.

It's the same for her Mom and me too.
We never get to spend enough time together.

My three favorite fellas....
Like... on the planet.

I hope you guys are having a fabulous week.
It has been full here.
Play on Tuesday and Field days for both still to come.
Seven more days and another school year is in the books!
I still can't believe it...


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