Friday, March 25, 2011

Not City Life....

I know.... I have been away for awhile.. sorry.
It has been a bit busy.. But I know.. No excuse. I could put a picture up and say hi.
But I did miss you guys.. really.
We have had a surgery (don't worry all is fine, it was scheduled)
A play with out of town company. That meant some serious house cleaning, that took more than a day.
Tennis practice started for both minions but on separate days.
A week long bout with vertigo = NO fun zone.
That put me out of commission. Seriously out.
And a spur of the moment one day road trip.
That's where the pictures on this post come in.

Now these photos are not the best.. This is the day that the vertigo started.
On the way to AL just out of the blue. Stoney laughed really loud and I got dizzy.
Then it got worse as the day progressed. I couldn't even chew anything with a crunch.
It was Auditory triggered. I have never had it with sound trigger.
So, these pictures... Well there are some I don't even remember taking so there ya go.

We went to friends home in AL. She and her husband have a farm of sorts. Not a working farm per say.
But a farm non the less.
They have chickens and baby chicks. Roosters and a horse and donkey.

This is Blackjack. He is a sweet boy.

They even had a turkey show back in January and it stayed. I mean if I were getting feed put
out everyday and had a dry place to stay and a safe place...
I'd stick around too. : )
 And I found out a couple of days ago that another has showed up.
I guess the word is out....

We went for a walk in the woods. It was warm but not too hot.
It was beautiful. The leaves were just starting to show on the trees.

And there was a little green poking up from the ground.

She has a speckled chicken. Love this bird. I will be back to get more photos of her for sure. ;)

There were some great trees on the walk too.

This is one of my favorites.. I guess a vine got wrapped around the trunk.
Way cool I think.

I hope you guys have had a great March.. It is finally Spring!
I did not think this Winter would ever end.
We have had a few warm days.. It is colder today... But it is not frigid and it is not snowing.
Amen. :)

Promise to be back on a regular basis. I have pictures from the play and some Spring
shots as well.

Have a great weekend!


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