Friday, March 04, 2011

A Hike In Winter…

Several weeks ago… I guess it was the tail end of January, beginning of February, the weather was amazing for a few days. One of those days was a Sunday.
We decided to go to the Vicery Creek Dam in Roswell. There are these beautiful falls. There is a little hike up to it but you can walk right next to the water on some of the hike.
We took a little snack to picnic with and of course our cameras. So much history at this place. The Old Mill from the 1800’s. There are markers with information set up periodically along the trail with history and pictures from back in the day.
It really was a gorgeous day. After the Winter we had had so far, it was a very welcome sight.

2011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-1032011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-1052011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-1042011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-842011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-1102011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-1262011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-135DSC_00902011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-197DSC_01322011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-141DSC_0140DSC_01442011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-1852011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-25WMedit.jpg-252011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-42WMedit.jpg-422011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-44WMedit.jpg-442011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-61WMedit.jpg-612011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-932011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-97
2011-01-30 Roswell Old Mill-76
I hope you guys have had a good week and have an even better weekend.
We got a new laptop last week and I have been learning how to use everything and transfer from the big computer. I am blogging this on Windows Live Writer. So far I really like it. I am curious to see how it looks published. So without further ado…. let’s hit that publish button Smile

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Pam said...

Great photos! They make me want to get out and get back to photography myself! Thanks for sharing!

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