Friday, February 18, 2011

So here is Matt-Daddy's Valentine's Day gift....
He got it four days late ;) *ahem*
But hey... he got it :)

It is matted and framed and hanging next to his side of the bed.
We surprised him with it when he got in from work yesterday.
It was hit.
If I must say so myself. ;)

Now... don't ask me where I got the template.
It has been on my PC for months.. I will dig around and see if I can find out.
If it is yours... I apologize :)
Thank you. I was a breeze to use and I wish I had a Mom one too.

We have 70 degree weather here this weekend... Hallelujah.
And we have a holiday Monday (not being used for make-up snow day)
...can I get another Hallelujah please.
Thank you back there in the red shirt. ;)

I hope wherever you are this weekend you are doing something you love
with someone or one's you love.


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