Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowmageddon '11

So.. as I promised... a week ago.
Snomageddon '11 

Ha ha... It started on a Sunday evening.. and ended up holding us hostage for a week.

This is about ten minutes after it started.

 Out the window ;)

The view from our LR window aka my office. heh...

Matt-Daddy and Stormy walking Pippin.
Taken from my office window. heh.

Matt- Daddy and the Great One ;)

My Baby Boy....

My Sweet girl....

Trekking up to the entrance.

I liked this shot...

Stormy and Matt-Daddy

Stoney and Matt-Daddy

Snowball anyone??


The first day it was beautiful and quite fluffy.. that evening the the sleet started.
It covered everything with a shell of ice. Well it was so fluffy it was kind of hard to make a snowman.
So Stormy and Matt-Daddy scooped all the snow on the hood of the car and she carved
eyes and a mouth into and exclaimed "Mom! Look at my Jabba the Snowman!"
Yea.. we've been known to watch a little Star Wars around here *ahem*.

So, again.. My hat is off to you guys up North..
Give me my heat.
Give me my humidity.
My flip-flops and shorts.
And My Air Conditioning kicking!

I hope that that is the last of snow and ice we see until next year.


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