Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cabin Fever.

After a week of snow and ice that refused to melt.. Well, it would melt,
run down into the streets etc. then re freeze... anyway after not being able to get out and go anywhere..
And a almost ten days of nothing but each other.. Don't get me wrong, I love my little family.. but hey,
They were tired of me too..
We were ready for a change of scenery.

We headed to Bass Pro Shops.
It has only been four years since we had been there.
Seriously.. I had my shirt on that had 2007 on the pocket.

I mean.. think about it.. Shopping for the adults and some fun stuff for the kids ;)
A two for one if you will.
Check the snow still on the ground and the roof.

Stormy mugging for the camera with Rocky... I mean a Moose ;)

As I said... Fun stuff for the kids too.
Stormy loves a climbing wall. So she stood in line to hit this one.
Three times.

 A little frustration at this point wouldn't you say?
She really needed gloves. That was her problem she said. Her hands were hurting,
and she was having a hard time gripping the wall.
She didn't make it up to ring the bell but she had fun trying. what matters ;)

On to the shooting range. Stoney had not stopped asking about this since
I mentioned it before we left home.
The rifles were a lot heavier than I remember.. OR maybe I'm older?
Naah.. they are just heavier I'm sure. ;)

 Stormy was pretty good. I was impressed.

Stoney loved it.

Time to head...
Matt-Daddy did get the kids their very first Moon-Pie..
Double-Decker too.

My favorite shot of the day...

Where did you come from?

(Love the fish tank.. next to the shopping, it's my favorite ;)

Have a great weekend.
ps... as we were leaving Stormy asked me if we had to wait four years to come back..


Stephanie RIley said...

I wish our Bass Pro shop was closer!! We did take the kids to Bass Pro for Homecoming pictures.

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun! I have never been there. I love that they had a moon pie. Now aim craving one.

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