Saturday, December 20, 2008

Days 15 thru 20....

OK... This has been a crazy slammed week. I apologize for not posting the last few days. So, I will catch up right now : ).

Day 15.

Tonight we worked on ornaments for teacher gifts.
Any excuse to paint is welcome around here.

Day 16.

My new bubble lights for our smaller tabletop tree. Love Bubble lights. I have
always wanted some.

Day 17.

This is my attempt at trying to capture the lights of the King and Queen building.... not so much : ).... I so need an SLR camera.... I long for one : ) LOL

Day 18.

1st Grade had Christmas around the world. It was controlled Chaos at best...
We talked about Chinese New Year and made a Dragon. Then we made a Hanukkah Crown
and had potato latkes. The last room was building gingerbread houses and reading a Christmas Story.

Day 19.

Stoney decided that he wanted my shirt after I took it off. He wanted me to take his picture in it and he may have even slept in it....

Day 20.

And then this morning I walked by Stoney's room and he and his Dad and Sister
were playing Indiana Jones Lego.. Love this shot : )

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