Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Month of Sundays.

Going to try to do a little catching up now.. So hang on..... : )

So here is the view coming in from the W on the way to our home. The kids wee asleep and I was bored so I got out the camera. Don't worry, the traffic was really as light as it looks... well for Atlanta at least...
We went around to a few yard sales a couple of weeks ago and lucked and found Sweet s. a new bike. He was in great need of some new wheels. This was a steal, and it has the type of tires that you don't have to air up. woohoo : )
This would be our two kids and K's best friend from school playing in the parking lot waiting for
the fireworks. Needless to say, we got there too early. Everyone was so tired by the time the show began. The kids had sidewalk chalk and cards and books but still got VERY restless.
They are drawing flags in this shot....well except for S. He, of course is doing one of his
famous Power Ranger moves..... of course.

Finally the show begins.

I seriously need to get a tripod..... seriously

and maybe a big boy camera....


Who am I kidding? : )

I really want a big boy camera!

How was your Fourth?

How has everyone been?



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Anonymous said...

We watched fireworks at home. Our neighbors put on some really great shows. Harrison wanted to stay home so we did. M.E. was at her grandparents in Huntsville and they went to watch fireworks. I love Sully's little bike. Isn't it great to get a deal. We got M.E. a bike this week. We were playing with some neighbors and they just gave us their daughter's old one. It is really nice. I love my neighbors! Miss you guys bunches. Let's get together!

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