Friday, July 18, 2008

Ketchup.... I mean catch up : )

It has been a crazy week and a half. But I am here. How is everyone? Hot? It is hot here that is for sure. And can you believe that school will start in like way less than a month?!?!? Hello?

I am soooo not happy. I mean it would be great if it meant that the kids would be going back and I could have some time without them... But know.... If school is starting that means I will be back in the classroom as well...... Ugh.....

Well, let's get to what is most important... Vacation Bible School was a HUGE success. K and S both LOVED it and I enjoyed them being there *wink*. : ) It went by really fast too. The video is of one of the songs that the kids sang at the Friday night finale. I believe the name of it is "Jesus is My Passion". It was so cute. K is second from the left on the bottom.

ETA: I tried to upload the video. It would not work. So here is the link if you want to check it out.

The most bestest (yes, I know that that is not a word) news though???? K was baptised on Friday night. On Wednesday she asked Jesus to be her personal savior and invited him into her heart. She didn't want to wait about being baptised. She wanted to do it on Friday so her VBS teacher could see her. That girl never ceases to amaze me. It was so wonderful. I cried. I tried to take pictures that weren't blurry..... I so need a tripod... or a big girl camera.....Jenny :) Just Kidding. You know I love you girlie.

See..... a tripod...

This week we have been busy too. I have worked more than usual. M has to work all weekend. I hope that we can slow down for a few days before school starts.

Yesterday we had a play date with some of our very best friends in the world. Well, it was play date for me too. And it went by so fast! We had so much fun. Thanks Jenny : ) Can't wait to see you next Saturday.

My new obsession.... "Twilight" I guess by now you have seen it on my sidebar over there. LOL I have read all three books in the series .... twice. I love to read, but I have never read a book twice..... And the movie comes out December 12 of the first book in the series. Entertainment weekly had it on the cover. Yes, I bought it. Borders actually called me and held a copy for me! LOL Then on Entertainment tonight on Tuesday they had a short story on it and announced that the premiere of the new scene would be on the DVD for "Penelope". So, what did I do Wednesday? We rented it of course! I watched the sneek peek three times before I watched the movie and twice after.... I know.... I know... sad isn't it? But, to be fair. "Penelope" was very good! I really liked it. It is a fairy tale... AND James McAvoy is the male lead. AND how cute is he? I saw him in "Becoming Jane" , it is really good too by the way. And I thought he was splendid! Yes, I just said splendid..... Next on my list is "Atonement". Another really cute movie we watched this week? P.S. I Love You. I will own this before it's all said and done....

So, leave me a comment. What has been going on with you? How long till school starts at your house? What good movies or books have you seen or read this Summer? I love hearing what other folks are reading and watching and what they thought about them.




Anonymous said...

Love the pics! I am with you the other day went by so fast. We had a ball! See ya soon!

Anonymous said...

I commented :P. Love you bunches M

Rox said...

Yes, Yes you did :P
Love you too :)

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