Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's that time again....

Cooking on Brentwood Drive

Today we are making an old stand by comfort food.
At least it is in our house.
Sunshine in a bowl....otherwise known as Pimento Cheese.
Now, I have my Mom's recipe. And I sort of go by that... but I tweak it a bit for us.
I will add her recipe at the end of this post.

Here are the usual suspects: Shredded Cheese, Mayonnaise, Paprika and Pimentos. Now in Mom's recipe she adds some Tabasco. You can too, if you want. I'm just not a big fan of sweating while I enjoy my sunshine on a Triscuit.

I chose sharp, but you can actually change it up and use whatever your little tastes buds are a screamin for. If you want it a bit warm, grab a block or bag of jalapeno cheese. You can use Swiss or Colby-jack. Check the fridge and maybe there is a bit of each. Go out there on that limb and try it this time.... Go ahead... scoot.

So, that was bag of shredded cheese. If you want it to have more of that store bought texture. I would try the crumbles in a bag. That would probably work very well. Then pour the pimentos on top, juice and all.

The paprika....there is no exact science to the paprika. Or the Mayo for that matter. I do about three heaping tablespoons of mayo. If you don't want yours very creamy, go with less.

This picture shows two Heaping tablespoons, but I added more because I like it a bit more creamy.

Now here we are at the moment of truth. The perfect bite. Now while I enjoy a good crisp Triscuit under my sunshine. There are others that work very well. I have been known to go with a Wheat Thin, I find them to be very enjoyable. And a Ritz? Well we all know that "Every thing's Better when it's sitting on a Ritz". Right? So go with what you like. You don't want to be unhappy with the cracker... that would most definitely take away from the sunshine.

Now that's the way I like it.

So, go ahead and get you a nice cold glass of tea....or Diet Dr. Pepper, or the beverage of your choice and have you a sit down with the above aforementioned bowl of sunshine and the crispy foundation you must have to hold it up.... and go forth and enjoy!

Mom's recipe

1lb. or less cheddar cheese (mixed cheeses of choice)
1 lg. jar of pimentos w/juice
Paprika to taste
1 shot of Tabasco (to enhance, not to taste) Yes, that is what it says..
Enough mayonnaise to make it creamy
mix thoroughly and chill

It is a little bit vague. And I don't make as much as she does at one time so just play as you go and remember-- you can add, but you can't take away!

I hope that you guys are having a most glorious weekend so far.
See you soon,

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