Friday, February 29, 2008

And.................. We're Back.
Yes, we are back in the land of the living. Not without being admitted to the hospital one more time. Once just wasn't enough... not for us.: ) K. is doing much better today. I was told the third day would be ruuuuufff. And yes, it was... Ruff is putting mildly. If we ever have to go through anything like that again, it will be much. Too. Soon. She still has a while to go but we are so far from where we were two days ago.

I want to thank ALL of you for your emails and calls. It has meant sooo much to us. We have to have the best friends on the earth. Just look what I was surprised with last weekend.

I could not believe it! My sweet friends our former church decided to make sure the one thing we didn't have to worry with this week was cooking. Thank you Chauveen (who, I am sure headed up the whole thing : ) Jennie, Jen, Miss Mona and Carol. We had Chicken enchiladas, a superb Shepherd's pie, A wonderful wild rice and chicken bake and an awesome chicken pot pie. You guys RAWK! I mean look at the top of this Chicken Pot pie.....? I mean, have you ever? Who has time to do that? That would be the amazing Jen, that's who. It was soo good.

In addition to the sweet people listed up there I want to say thank you to Christie, Shonda and Tina. All of their words and prayers helped me through the these last few days. The people I work with and the Mom's of my sweet students. Thank you too for your sweet words and concern. All of you are simply the best! And I could not forget Melinda at our former church too.... Thank you for getting the word out to the Prayer Warriors. : )We could feel the prayers and the love all week.

I have a lot to post, so check back this evening and tomorrow too.... Heck, bookmark it and come on over everyday! I'd love have the company.... Plenty of room.. just come on in and leave your shoes and your troubles at the door. I'll be here : )

Ciao my friends,

Much Love and Thanks,


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