Thursday, January 10, 2008


What to blog...... What to blog........ (fingernails tapping the desk)

Hmmm.... Let me see.

It is raining!!!! Woohoo! That actually is very exciting here. It has been a very normal Thursday here. Nothing unusual or witty to write about. K. went to school. I did not have to. S. stayed home with me.

Made beds
Ran the dishwasher
Clean K.'s room
Cleaned S.'s room
Cleaned our room
Cleaned the kitchen
Made sausage balls (of course there are no pictures because of....well you know... the space deal)

Very simple though -- 1 sleeve of sausage
1 bag of shredded cheese
3 cups of Bisquick (or Kroger brand or Great Value brand. Whatever you have on hand Smash it all together in a big bowl. You have to get in there with both of your hands now. Don't get all ...I can't put my hands in that. Do it Girls. You can handle it : )

Now then when it is all smushed and is in one big mound you pinch off some about the size of half a golfball...No, a little smaller than that. And roll it into a nice ball. Keep on doing that until there is nothing left of the mound. I use two pans. A pizza pan and a cookie sheet. I fill the pizza pan and slide it in the oven and then fill the cookie sheet. Then, that is when I finish making all the balls and I leave them in the bowl till the pizza pan comes back out of the oven. I slide all the sausage balls off that pan to cool, then fill it with the remaining balls.

Now, this is when the first sausage balls are just cool enough to eat without scorching that little spot in the top of your mouth right behind your top teeth so it doesn't swell and bug you for the next 24 hours. So, now my peeps, is the time to pop one of those babies in there and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Uhm mm hmm! How bout that little tasty bit??? Huh people? Good stuff, Makes me wanna reach way across that state line slap my Momma.... Ha! Maybe not..... But they are good aren't they? Simple and easy. Some of those and some fruit for breakfast will most definitly work in a pinch on a late morning. It has in our household. We also make several batches around the holidays.

Back to my list.........

M. had to work late
Cooked dinner for the kids
Gave baths
Kids crashed not long after dad got home
I am the only one still awake and I am spending my time with you...... my peeps....

And on that note.......
I will go a bit old school on you this evening. (Since a post is not a post without a pic)
This an old polaroid I scanned awhile back of my Dad's place during a snow storm. It is about 1984 or 85. Of course we had to take pictures. You don't get much snow in Alabama. So when it does snow enough to accumulate.... You MUST take pictures. It is a given in AL. School is let out and there is a mad frenzy for all the milk and bread on the shelves.

It was a beautiful little place. I miss it. I miss that big old sweet dog...... But most of all I miss my Dad.

Before I forget... Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends Lori. We have been friends since the fifth grade. She loved my Dad too.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lori. Where did i put my skates....I think it is time to replace the Red Devil wheels....

Have noticed how hard we work to get somewhere to only find ourselves right back where we started....

Why go around a mud puddle when you can go right through it?

Lee bAUghn

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