Saturday, January 12, 2008

Monster Truck Jam

In that evil deep laughing you hear on the radio ads....
Yes, we went to see Graver Digger yesterday. S's favorite MonsterTruck. The driver and the crew were there too.

It was neat to see S's face when we got up to it. He ever had his little Match Box Grave Digger with him. We got there righ as the radio remote started. It was a remote for 94.9 The Bull. ( Off topic for a sec-- they just started a new morning show with Cletus T. Judd. It is a really good show). Now back to current rambling....
We stood in line for a few minutes. We got up to the driver to get a signed picture and S. froze. Reached up and jumped into his Daddy's arms and proceeded to bury his face into his neck and would not look around. The driver signed a couple of pictures for the kids. I told S. to show him his little truck and he stuck is arm straight out behind is back and everyone laughed. He was not turning around for anything. I mean anything.
As soon as we walked away he got down and was more than glad to take some pictures around the truck.... Go figure! Oh well, It was cool to see how big that truck was. The event is here in Atlanta tonight and is sold out. I was glad that there was a remote and I happen to be listening to that station on the way home from school.
I mean how in THE WORLD could you not want to make this face happy?????

Yes, you are right.... you can jump for joy -- or a least do a heel click. I was actually able to get some pictures up from my camera. Woohoo!
Now for even more important news today..... At least more important to my other half.
It is his birthday!!!
Yea! Happy Birthday !! He is my best friend and the absolute love of my life.

I hope that you have a very happy birthday today. We all love you very much.

Till Later my Internet Peeps,


And Hey, Let's Be Careful Out there (as the Sgt from Hill St. Blues would say)

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