Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday, Monday

Hey now.

And how are all my peeps out there on the information highway today? Did ya have a good weekend? Did you do something constructive? Did you learn something new?
Well, I am starting a new aspect of my blog today.
On Mondays it will now be called "What I Leeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrned Over The Weekend"
I am actually lifting it from a sports talk radio program that M and I listen too here in the mornings called Mayhem in the A.M. on 790 the Zone.
Anyway.... Here is what I learned:

1That if you actually get to take a nap on Sunday afternoon, you might ought to limit it to a couple of hours or less. Because if your other half lets you snooze for four hours or more you will be up half the night. Although, i caught a new show I like "Party Planner Orange County" on Lifetime I think. I will catch it on Fridays (it's regular day) It was interesting to see how the other half lives --(or blows their money) However you want to look at it.
2. That T.O is a wuss.
3. The 30 second (minute) of the Golden Globes is a joke. I so hated it. I hope so much that everything will be resolved by the time the Oscars are on.

I really don't care for Mondays. Especially Mondays that I have to work LOL. Anyway, I am in a much better mood now because the morning is over. I am home with my family and a new Bionicle video game came in the mail today and the kids (and I mean all three of them ) are well into figuring it out.
Here they are (well two of them are) playing Star Wars LEGOS on the PS2.

Now, I am off to a friends house for our bi monthly Stampin'Up hostess club. I will create and converse with some of the best friends on the planet! (without children there, mind you) Stampin Up!

Now, tell me what you leeeeeaaaarrrned over the weekend..... will you? I am curious....

Till later peeps......... Keep it between the ditches.


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Holly said...

i like this...might have to end up stealing it for my blog too LOL

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