Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Long, Long Ago.....

In a time when I had time........

I would try to post on a regular basis!!! LOL

It has been a long road ( a very bumpy and frustrating one) with this pc. I am still having real trouble with the space deal. This pc is about ten years old. It is our back up from the old one we had last year that bit the dust.

I am bound and determined to have a working, reliable pc in this house next month when income tax comes in! If it kills me: ) I will have photoshop too (I hope with fingers crossed)

It is so hard to believe that January is almost half done!! It just amazed me how fast the entire holiday season blew by. My brother celebrated another birthday on Christmas Eve. Then it was my Mom's turn several days later. My nephew the day after that. And then this weekend, my sweet hubby will celebrate his too. School went back yesterday. It was a teacher inservice for me. But, K. was back in full swing with homework for the week when she got home. I am already counting the days till our four day weekend next month!! I guess everyone is like that.... right? Sure they are..... Aren't they?

Anyway, The weather here is, well....balmy? It was 70 yesterday and will be again today. Unreal. I actually took pictures of my children eating popsicles on the patio yesterday barefoot! I really did. I wish you could see them..... But, you know...the space deal with the pc..... It. Is. Killing. Me.Down.

I actually have a few hundred pictures I would like to share with you. But, you know....the space deal.... with the pc. My tree was so pretty and my kids had a blast seeing what was under the tree on Christmas morning. Wish I could share with you...... My dinner table was beautiful. The concert that my son was in was so cute at Christmas....and Thanksgiving concert too for that matter.... Decorating the gingerbread cookies that my Sister sent for K.'s birthday. There were some really great shots that I was really proud of..... But, you know...the space deal.... with the pc. Heavy sigh..... I am so over it. Anyway, enough whining. It will be better in due time. In the mean time, I will have to dig around on here and find something to post. Because, you know a post is not a post with out a picture :-)

This is K. in all her drama glory. She decided to put on all her dress up clothes to help mop the kitchen floor! She is a hoot.

This is artwork that K. did at school for a project. It was then sent to a company that made it into differnt items that you could purchase. Such as, nightlights. quilt squares, flags. coffee mugs, shirts, etc.

So, how about the writer's strike? I, for one, am not happy.... The Golden Globe's have been cancelled. That would be my favorite awards show. Not Happy. The last Desperate Housewives aired Sunday night. Not happy. There are only one or two Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty's left. Not Happy. Private Practice is over. Not Happy. When Friday Night Lights runs out... I will seriously be Not Happy. We are about to be COVERED UP in reality shows. Don't get me wrong, I love a good RS as much as the next guy. As a matter of fact we watch the Amazing Race every year and keep up with American Idol. And love a good competition on DWTS. But, that is about to be all we have. Reality shows.... Not Happy.

Anyway, I apologize about not posting. Believe me when I say. I think about it everyday. Every time I take a picture. I think about blogging it. I love this blog and I want...no, I need to pay more attention to it. I will. People are losing sleep and can't concentrate at work. I can't be responsible for that!! How am I supposed to get comments from the tens of tens of people that wake up with baited breath or garlic breath everyday to see if there is a new post, if I don't post on a regular basis??? Hmm? Tell Me??? Uh-huh...... That's what I thought....

I will have the laptop I always wanted next month. Until then, it may only be words here. SO, take those words my friends and run....Run like the wind...or a hostage. I will keep you up to date on all the happenings here. .
I know that your life depends on it. And I know, that there have been many sleepless night wondering if there would be a new and exciting post the next day. Well, take your tylenol PM and sleep well my peeps. I will not cause another sleepless night in your household.

Until later,

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Holly said...

Good to see you posting. I am SO sorry about your PC issues. I can totally understand how that would just plain STINK! Best wishes on getting a new one with the tax money.
My computer is getting old also (not 10 yrs old, but still)...contemplating getting a laptop with my bonus this year - but that won't be until April or something.
I totally agree w/ the whole writer's strike thing. I am so tired of re-runs. Now we have a tease with a week or two of new shows and we're all done again. UGH! Sounds like we watch a lot of the same stuff too (Desp. Housewives, Greys, Priv Practice, American Idol - thank goodness that's starting next week!!!).

And in case I haven't agreed w/ you enough already - it's balmy here too. I actually got hot when I was outside on my lunch hour. Crazy weather. It'll be cold again this weekend I've heard.

Oh wait - one more thing to agree with...my husband's birthday is ALSO this weekend (Sunday to be exact). It's his 40th so we have a big thing on Sat. night.

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