Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday, Tuesday

Here I am grunting every time I go to another blog and they haven't put a new post up, and I haven't posted in a week!!! (shaking my head)....

Well Kate is at school. I am off to the store in just a bit with Sullivan in tow. Then we may go to Alabama. Mom closes on her house today! I am so excited. She is so exhausted. She went down yesterday and my brother met her at the house and work in the yard and measured the windows and outside for shutters. There needs to be a great deal of work done outside. My brother said it will take at least 8 to 10 trucks of dirt to level out the back yard so that the fence can be installed. It will look so good when it is done though. I will take pics today so we can chronicle the progress each visit. Looks like we are getting her moved next weekend. Of course that would be race weekend at Talladega! NO traffic.... geez. Matt, Kelley and I will be very busy... good thing it is a holiday weekend. We will need it. I don't have any new pictures today. I will tomorrow. Wait, let me check the Random Leftovers Folder.... Yes there are two new shots. This folder contains pics that show after an event that has passed awhile back.

The first is from the Fall Festival Last year at K&S's school. The second is from this Summer at the Grand Opening of the store. It is of Kateleigh and our friends daughter Mary Elizabeth.

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