Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Junkin for Treasure"

The kids and I had a really fun day today while Dad was at work.
We decided to go "Junkin for Teasure". We played like we were hunting for treasure at each yard sale we went to. We found some neat stuff too.....

I am really loving this oval galvanized tub for my wallpaper scrap rolls. I have been looking for something to store them in in my craft corner. They were housed in my little trash can but I needed it for trash...DUH!
The lamp ($1) needs a coat of paint (white), and a lamp shade and it will be in great shape. The knitting looms? I guess they are.... It came in 4 different sizes. They have never been used ($2). There is a book and needles with it too. Looks like fun....
and of course the other little tub is orange, sio it was a must have for me!! I will put stamps or something in it. Now that I think about it maybe the right size for magazines.

The little stuffed jack'o lantern is in Sully's room. He liked it and found a special place for it.

I am not sure what the correct name for these bowls are but they are orange so I had to have them. I have another mug made out of the same type glass that has a handle on it that I found at an antique mall. Orange also.

We also found these two unfinished little bird houses the kids got for a quarter each. They decided to paint htem to go in Abbie's new kitchen window.

I think they did a fabulous job too! Nice work guys ; )

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Holly said...

oh, i love your "junk", especially the little orange bowls!

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