Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The Dollar Tree

So, this morning we had a parent-teacher conference (nothing wrong, just a regularly scheduled deal). It went really well. Kate is doing wonderful and Mrs. Hart is great! We love her. Then it was off to the Dollar Tree. Love the Dollar Tree. They had the create-a-wreath there in three different sizes. I got a small one and a large one. I hope to do a pine cone or fall leaves wreath. They were very sturdy and made well.. Will post a picture today. They had tons of Halloween stuff out. I also got some Fall ribbon will post that pic later too.

I have a sinus infection....YEA! I tell you teaching preschool is like being in a living Petri dish! :) I will live though.

I have a few pics that wanted to share so the grandparents could enjoy....
The one of Sully on the little V Tech was taken Sunday. The one next to that was taken in the gym at preschool last week.
These two were taken at the 10K Family Fun Day that we go to every year. He had a ball in the jumpy thing!

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