Friday, January 25, 2013

Wrestling 5K | Oxford AL

Last Fall Matt-Daddy started running again.
He had been a pretty regular runner for several years then have to have his 
tonsils out and just sort of stopped.
My broski, Zach is a runner too.. I mean he runs but he 
is an all around healthy guy.
We try to be..
We need to try harder ;) 
Zach is an excellent role model
and he really enjoys running with Matt-daddy.

So last yes I am still catching up.
Don't Judge.

They ran a 5K back in our home town at our old high school.
Not only did we all three graduate from there
But our Mom taught there for many, many years.

It was the Wrestling 5K, with proceeds to go to OHS wrestling.
Matt-Daddy didn't wrestle but Zach did back in high school.
That was not prerequisite for running but Zach thought it was kind of

Stormy ran it with them. This is before...
She is totally zoned out.
In preparation ;)

Here they are headed to the finish.

They weren't enjoying themselves much at all ;) 
Of all the photos I took that day...
THIS has to be my favorite.
LOVES his Uncle Zach.

After the 5K it was time for the One mile fun run.
He was ready.

His two favorite guys went the first lap with him.
He did the rest all by himself and
finished 2nd in his age group!
Go Stoney!!
He got a little trophy and a way cool OHS ball cap.

Stormy finished FIRST in her age group!!
Way to go Stormy!

There were lots of snacks to be had after the race including bananas.
Waffle House was even set up to make hash browns for the runners.
Smothered, covered, chunked... you know the rest ;)

I was so proud of my crew!
Team Ponds
the favorite Broski  :)

What are you guys doing to stay or try to stay
in shape this year?

It is freezing here..
Not my favorite weather..
Just saying.

Stay warm where ever you are!

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