Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To say I have been a huge fan of the Parson's work would be an understatement.
You can see their work here.
I mean.. it is amazing to me.
It is inspiring, fun and motivating to me.

But today what is more amazing is their personal journey that they
decided to undertake.

It all came to fruition today.

You can read more about it on their personal blog here .

I am in awe to say the least.
They are hero's to me.
The birth Mother is a hero to me.
I am excited for them.
I am excited for Zion.
How blessed is that child.

See, I am adopted.
 And what has been given to that child.
And what has been given to those amazing Parsons....
Well, see, that can only be a God thing.
A serious God thing.

Please go read the story of little Zion Jeremiah
and his new Mom and Dad and his two big brothers :)
You will have a smile.
You will most likely shed a tear.

But what you will definitely leave with
is 'feel good'
And lots of it. 
And nobody has enough of that :)


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