Saturday, June 25, 2011


SO... For the ... I don't know maybe since the 50's or 40's maybe longer..
we have had a reunion on my Mom's side. 
My grandmother had 11 brothers and sisters...
So we have a lot of cousins.
They are spread far and wide.
But each year.... usually on the second Sunday in June...
We try to get to together.
It used to be much easier... we all sort of lived in the same area of Alabama.
So we would have large turnouts.
Now it has dwindled but we refuse to let it die.
This year it was held in Gadsden, AL at

It was hot, but up on the mountain there was a pretty steady breeze.
The Falls were a bit sad.. Drought conditions have left the Falls to a trickle.

We had folks come that had not been in several years ...
It was so good to see them.

Looking forward to next year already and
hopeful to see some of the cousins before then :)

Hope you guys have something fun planned for this weekend.
We are staying low since next weekend is a Holiday weekend.

For you photographers...
These were taken all in Manual or Aperture mode.
It was high noon.. hottest part of the day with the worst lighting.
So most are washed out from the sun :/



angellica said...

Hook, there is noting I love more than reading your Blog: Pics are fabuous !! But they always are :)

Sheri said...

Awesome pics. Just found your blog and I love it - will be following along. Be blessed.

Rox said...

Thank you Sherri!! It's good to have you here. I have made a solemn promise to blog more too!
You be Blessed too!:)

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