Monday, May 16, 2011

One More Monday

I am so very far behind on posts.
I apologize.
There is one more Monday.. ONE..
until school is out for Summer.
But who's counting ;)
Um... that would be me.
(When that is all done I hope to back blogging on a regular basis)

Don't get me wrong. I love my minions. I do.
And I love that they are at school and I get to take care of things around here
without being pulled three different ways.
But, I do love not having a schedule...per say.
To go swimming in the morning.
Be able to visit friends and go to the movies.
Going to see family and not having to wait until
the weekend.
Staying in pajamas if it is so desired.... all day ;)
but I would never do that.... ahem  ;)

I will not miss laying clothes out each school night for the
next morning.
I will not.. or well, Matt will not miss making and packing lunches
each morning.
Mostly... I will not miss homework. Really I won't.
I will celebrate the end of school for that reason alone.
... Just saying.
Don't judge... ;)

Well, with all that being said...
Here is my Mother's Day picture.
A week late.
Told you I was behind..
again....don't judge... ;)

I do hope that you all had a most wonderful Mother's Day.
We did.
There will be more pictures soon.
Hey...don't judge.. ;)


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