Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soft hearted...

I went to pick up our girl from school Friday and she burst into tears when she got into the car.
I was so surprised...
 I said what is wrong?
Are you hurt?
Did someone say something to hurt you?
Is someone else hurt?
She kept saying no. No. No.
I said then what is it?
She said in a very high pitched voice between sobs.
Today was Mrs. 'Teacher's' last day!!

Um... Duh...
Mom of the year here..
Her teacher is having a baby on Monday.
Today was her last day at school for the year.
I've only known this was coming the ENTIRE school year.
So... While I polished my Mom of the year trophy,
I talked to her and tried to calm her.
 I told  her how wonderful a blessing it is that Mr. and Mrs. 'Teacher'
(names have been changed to protect the innocent ;) 
were going to receive on Monday. And that their son was going to be a big brother.
They would have a little girl in the family now.
She said I know. I know. *gasp for air sob sob*
I KNOOOooooooWW...
But she won't be there the rest OF THE YEAR MoOOoOOoOOOOMMM!

I get it.
I do.
She proceeded to burst out in sobs at least three more times before bed.

I let her get on the laptop and hold it in her lap on the couch for awhile.
(that is a big deal - they are only allowed toset it on the table)
I captured these images between sobbing outbursts...

I hope you guys are having a great week.
By the way...
Mrs. 'Teacher' had a successful delivery on Monday and she and
'Baby girl Teacher' are doing fine.

And so is my Baby Girl :)


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