Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Longing...

 OK.. It has been a HOT mess here.. and by hot.. I do NOT mean it has been
shorts and flip-flop weather :)

Last Sunday night started the Southern version of the Ice Age.
We got this gorgeous, lovely, fluffy snow falling and swirling in the form of these beautiful,
large, white snow flakes.. It was really beautiful! It was... We were told maybe 2 inches.. Great. That is just enough to play and it will be gone in a day or two...

We got up Monday morning and it was about five inches... It was beautiful and quiet.
The kids played and threw snowballs.. I even got a few solid pics
out there before my hands froze in place.

Then.... Then it started to happen... The sleet.. the frozen rain. It put a nice shell over all the snow.
Think... Dairy Queen.. a vanilla cone dipped in the chocolate that gets hard as it dries.
That is what it turned into... And not near as enjoyable as that
cone would be.. let me tell you.

So It went from over 5 inches of fluffy snow to... a few inches of ice.
It basically shut the ATL..
D - O - W - N.
Believe me.. No school for a week!! A week mind you.. Unheard of around these parts.
No trash pickup. No school. Nothing is open. Interstates and all roads..
Shut down.
Huge trucks and passenger cars stranded on the side of the road for days.
No deliveries to the grocery stores. If you could even get there.. there
was nothing on the shelves.
It was a HOT mess.

And to top it all off... The temp didn't go above freezing until Thursday... So for over four days
we were iced in.
Good. Times.

Can you say... Cabin Fever? Can you say.. Mom, I'm hungry.. (again)
It's all fun and games until you have done everything you can possibly think to do.
And you have eaten everything in the house... (with no way of getting more)
What I would have given to have had access to that trampoline up there.

SOooo... I'm sure you're asking yourself..
Why is she posting THESE pictures while she writes about an ice storm.
Well, since you asked, I will tell you.
1- I haven't uploaded my pictures from the snow yet.
2- As I was cleaning off my hard drive of 2010 pics I found these.
3- They reminded me of how warm and breezy that late Spring evening was in our friends
4- How I LONG for it to be that weather again!
So.. For the Record... I am done with Ice. I am done with Snow.
I love living in the South.
I have a whole new respect for you guys up North.
I do.
I don't know how you do it.
Bless you and all that snow and those freezing temps you have every year.
My Hat is off....

p.s. I will get those pics uploaded soon. I mean the kids and I have only been together
now for 10 days.. We still have two more to go. Ha!
Monday is a Holiday!
 What Luck.... not  ;)

I am either going to have start praying harder...
or start drinking.


OneCraftyChick said...

I could not agree MORE! Bill and I were out on Wednesday sliding penguin-style across the Publix parking lot and he said "how would you like it to be like this 4-5 months of the year." Dude, you would have to find a new wife! I'm not moving above the Mason-Dixon; they can have it!

holly said...

This was well put. And I ditto all of your sentiments. Schools were only out for 3.5 days here. I was proud of Spencer's school district. The kids were supposed to be out Fri and Mon. The school sent an email before the snow even started saying those would be makeup days. Not all schools were so smart. My nephews went to school for 4 hours the entire week!!
Oh, and our WalMart was closed. Can't say I've ever seen that!'

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